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4% of £210,000 goal



£8,865 of £210,000

Didsbury Mosque Quran School Project

By the grace of Allah for the last 20 years the Quran school at Didsbury mosque has taught thousands of our children Quran and Islamic education.

Many of whom have memorised the entire Quran and have themselves become teachers in our Quran school.

Due to the ever expanding demand of our school we are in great need of extra space! We are currently trying to use every little available space to meet the increasing demand during the weekend Quran school, students are being taught in offices and prayer halls.

By the will of Allah we plan to build a dedicated Quran school space which will be built as a mezzanine above the hall which will consist of 9 classrooms and a reception area.

The project is ready to be started after Ramadan, we estimate the project to cost in the region of £260,000.  We started fundraising for this 3 years ago and up to date 25th April 2021 we have collected £50,303 for this project and around £78,213 of unpaid pledges from our donors which we do not know if we will receive or not.

We are asking you to donate to this important project during this holy month educating our future generations teaching them Quran and Islam, and inshAllah gaining the pleasure and reward of Allah (s). 

JazakumAllah kheir.


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