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Quran School Project

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66% of £441,500 goal


23Recurring Contributors


15Recurring Pledgers

£290,573 of £441,500

Didsbury Mosque Quran School Project

Manchester Islamic Centre (MIC) 
& Didsbury Mosque

Quran School Project


What Is The Quran School Project?

  • It is to build a Quran School consisting of 10 Classrooms, a Reception room, and a school management office. 
  • Extending the community hall for Friday prayers, social and dawah events.
  • Converting existing offices to have a space for 2 Quran classrooms, consulting room, a meeting room for Sharigh Council, and 4 offices.

Project Benefits

  1. Increase the number of students. 
  2. Increase the safety of the school children by Separating them from masjid worshipers.
  3. More privacy for our sisters in Almanhil who are using the classrooms to learn Quran on weekdays. 
  4. Extra spaces for Friday and Traweeh prayers.
  5. Extra consulting and meeting rooms for Sharia Council.

Project Phases

  • Phase one is 100% completed.
  • Phase two is 46% completed

Phase One
(100% Completed)

  • Maximising the use of office space by Converting existing offices into:
  • 2 classrooms.
  • 1 Meeting Room.
  • 1 Family Consultation Room.
  • 4 Offices
  • Total cost was £84,326 Paid in Full


Phase Two

(46% Completed)

  • Building mezzanine floor
  • On top of it we are going to build 8 Classrooms, a Reception, and a school management office. 
  • On the ground floor creating an access corridor between the main masjid and women’s sections.
  • Extending the community hall
  • Total cost £357,000 


Items Completed in phase two:

  • Building mezzanine floor. (Done)
  • Extending the community hall. (Done)
  • creating an access corridor between the main masjid and women’s sections. (Done)
  • New Community Hall
  • New Corridor 


Items To Be Completed

  •  Ground Floor: Skimming, Painting, Underfloor heating, Tiles, Fitting new doors and wardrobes.
  • First Floor: Dividing the new first floor into 8 Classrooms, a Reception office, a school management office, and a toilet.

Project Total Cost:                         £441,500

Total Donations Received:          £260,650

Total Pledges:                                 £96,850

Total Spent:                                     £254862

Total Required:                              £84,000

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JazakumAllah kheir.


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