Manchester Islamic Center

Manchester Islamic Center

Providing Iftar for fasting person

Organized By:Manchester Islamic Centre


27% of £19,000 goal


£5,085 of £19,000

Iftar for refugees

There are 200 refugees, which includes families, who are currently being accommodated in a Hotel in Northenden,  Due to the the hotel restaurant closing at 6 pm, we were approached to help assist the refugees during Ramadan to provide iftar for them as the hotel only offered to provide a cold packed lunch, due to the kitchen closing at 6pm and Maghrib is from 8pm. We at MIC decided to commit to providing a daily hot mail for them as they deserve to have a hot, freshly cooked meal to break their fast with in shaa'Allah. Please help us to help them have a real iftar and not a cold packed lunch! "By clicking on Gift Aid bottom the taxman will add 28p to every pound you give"

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